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What is the price of a cab Dubai Ajman?

Once again, we'll be talking about a city on a human scale, a world away from the crazy skyscrapers, futuristic architectural dazzle and over-the-top attractions of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Ajman is indeed the smallest emirate of the United Arab Emirates... and that's probably what makes it so charming! If you're looking for a peaceful, calming and even picturesque interlude, don't hesitate to take the Dubai - Ajman trip aboard a Mercedes V-Class driven by a VIP AS driver!

Ajman, capital of the eponymous emirate, is only 260 km². However, the city run by the Al Nuaimi family has many points of interest that attract around 500,000 international tourists each year... a performance far below the 16 million international visitors who land in Dubai each year. The absence of summer congestion and queues makes Ajman a nice alternative to the crowded Emirati metropolis.

Ajman is about 48 km from Dubai, and the drive is only about 40 minutes via the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and then the E311. The city is further away from Abu Dhabi (184 km), as it takes about 2 hours to reach it via the coastal road.

If you're browsing this page, it's because you're planning a little getaway on the side of Ajman. In this practical guide, AS VIP gives you a portrait of this charming city, goes over the various means of transportation available to you to get around the city, informs you about the price of a taxi Dubai - Ajman and vice versa and details the fares for the usual trips from or to Ajman. Let's go!

Ajman, an Emirati city on a human scale

Ajman, sometimes spelled Ujman, Adjman or Adjmane, is located in the Persian Gulf, around a natural harbor (or Khor) that penetrates inland. It is actually interesting to observe the gradation of urban modernity, as the neighborhoods bordering the port have retained traditional Emirati elements with semi-Bedouin housing and centuries-old monuments barely renovated.

As you move inland, the skyscrapers rise and the modern buildings impose themselves in the landscape. Of course, we are far from the futuristic side of the metropolises of Dubai and, to a lesser extent, Abu Dhabi. 

Ajman is the capital of the country's smallest emirate (just 0.5 % of the UAE's area). The emirate's seafront is only 26 kilometers long and is entirely occupied by the capital, which is, de factoattached to the Ajman - Charjah - Dubai agglomeration. So much for the geographical presentation of the city.

As in other emirates in the country, the ruling family took power in the early 19th century, before the arrival of the British who would establish what is known as the Trucial Coast. At that time, the inhabitants of Ajman were nomads and moved according to the seasons : Ajman between April and September for pearl hunting, then Al Buraimi during the date season.

During the first part of the 20thcentury, Ajman remained a fishing village populated by barely 750 people. By comparison, Dubai already had more than 10,000 inhabitants. The development of the city and its emirate would take a turn on December 2, 1971, when Sheikh Rashid Bin Humayd Al Nuaimi decided to attach his lands to the United Arab Emirates.

Why make the trip from Dubai to Ajman?

Despite its proximity to Dubai, Ajman has retained its traditional character, and some places exude an authenticity unseen in the United Arab Emirates. To enjoy this peaceful interlude in the land of excess, AS VIP offers you a tour with the best activities to do in Ajman.

  • You can ask your AS VIP private driver to drop you off initially at the Etisalat Tower, a little architectural gem that rises to a height of about 100 meters with 17 floors. This building that combines a traditional Islamic structure (mosque shape) with ultra-modern architectural elements offers you a breathtaking view of the city, the coast, the emirate and the metropolitan area, including Dubai and Sharjah!
  • The Ajman Fortremains the city's main tourist attraction. In fact, it is not uncommon to see tourists making the Dubai - Ajman trip by taxi to see this monument for an afternoon. Erected in 1775, Ajman Fort bears witness to the tumultuous past of the region. It keeps the after-effects of the internal wars but also and especially of the British invasion of 1820. This monument today transformed into a museum traces the history of the country and takes you back to the simple life of the Bedouins of yesteryear. Beware: Ajman Fort is closed on Fridays. Admission is AED 5 (about €1.4);
  • The small souks within the perimeter of Ajman Fort. We warn you: don't expect the bustle of the souks in Marrakech, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul or even the World Market in Rungis. The souks of Ajman are less lively but give a nice insight into the daily life of the locals. Ask your AS VIP private driver to drive you to the Ajman Saleh market, the gold souk, the fish market and then to the Al Murabaa watchtower;
  • The Castle of Hassa Buweeid, also known as the "White Fort". It is a curious little two-chambered tower with a square shape. Oddly, this old-fashioned-looking building was only erected in 1976. The interior is intriguing, especially if you are into the military thing;
  • The shipyards that give rhythm to the life of the city. If some craftsmen continue to build a few dhows in the old style for the pleasure of tourists, it is the repair of ships that dominates the naval activity. The atmosphere in the port is friendly. Take advantage of it to exchange with the craftsmen;
  • The Al Zorah nature reserve which is home to pink flamingos, egrets and herons. Also on the agenda: kayaking trips and lazing in the beaches along the lagoon;
  • Ajman Navy, an evening destination for dining, refreshments or a walk along the coast.

How much does a cab ride from Dubai to Ajman cost?

Ajman is about 48 kilometers from Dubai, and the journey takes about 50 minutes by car. As is often the case in the United Arab Emirates, the transfer from Dubai to Ajman (and vice versa) can be done with three means of transportation:

  • Taxi ride Dubai to Ajman: including pickup, the cab will charge you between AED 85 Emirati dirhams (about €22.5) and AED 110 (€29) to make this trip. Prices vary depending on the pick-up location and the final destination, but also on the density of traffic. Allow about 40 minutes for the Dubai to Ajman trip during off-peak hours, and up to an hour during peak season. Please note: In Dubai, airport cabs charge AED 25 (€6.6), and the kilometer is charged €2. For city cabs, the minimum pickup is AED 6 (€1.6) between 6am and 10pm, and AED 7 (€1.9) after 10pm.
  • Dubai - Ajman bus trip. You have a choice of two bus routes to make this trip. Route 102 (bus E411 then 102) will take you from Dubai to Ajman in 2 hours and 30 minutes for a fare between AED 14 (€3.7) and AED 22 (€5.75). Route 103 connects Dubai and Ajman in 2 hours and 40 minutes (bus E400 then 103) for the same fare, give or take a few cents.
  • Dubai to Ajman trip by rental car. If you want to drive, you can rent a car at Dubai International Airport (DBX) and take the highway to drive the 50 km from Dubai to Ajman. Travel time: about 35 minutes.
  • Dubai - Ajman journey with AS VIP private driver. If you are not one to compromise on your freedom and comfort, you can seek the services of our private drivers for the Dubai - Ajman (or Ajman - Dubai) trip. You will travel in a luxury Mercedes V-Class vehicle in royal comfort!

Are you intrigued by Ajman? Would you like to spend a few days there to get to the bottom of this peaceful land in a fast-paced country? Here is the distance and travel time of the most common trips in the city: 

  • Downtown Ajman to Ajman Fort: allow about 16 minutes to travel the 11 km from downtown to the Fort;
  • Ajman city center to Ajman port: your private AS VIP driver will cover this 10 km journey in about 12 minutes;
  • Ajman city center to Ajman Museum: allow about 20 minutes to travel the 10 km from the museum to the city center (towards the west of the emirate);
  • Ajman City Center to Al Zorah Beach: Al Zorah Beach is located 12 km west of Ajman City Center. Your AS VIP private driver will take you to your destination after a 17-minute drive;
  • Ajman to Sharjah: allow a little 20 minutes (13.5 km) for the Ajman - Sharjah transfer by car;.
  • Ajman to Al Fujairah: allow about 1 hour and 20 minutes to travel the 117 km from Ajman to Al Fujairah;.
  • Ajman to Abu Dhabi: your AS VIP driver will drive the 178 km from Ajman to Abu Dhabi in approximately two hours. Wi-Fi, automatic air conditioning, refreshing drinks and unlimited treats will keep you company the whole way!

Note: Ajman does not yet have its international airport. A project had been announced with a budget of $3.3 billion, but work has not yet begun. The location now serves as a base for the UAE armed forces.

Dubai Airport to Ajman : price

French travelers usually land in Dubai (terminal 1 or 3), sometimes in Abu Dhabi. You want to start your stay in Ajman? Here is what you need to know: 

  • Dubai International Airport (DBX) is located approximately 32 km from Ajman via the E311 highway and then Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road;
  • The Dubai International Airport - Ajman cab ride: allow about 25 minutes to cover the 27km journey. Fares range from AED 65 (€17) to AED 85 (€21);
  • The DBX - Ajman airport bus trip: the trip on the E400 bus takes one hour and 10 minutes and will cost you, on average, AED 10 (€2.7);
  • The Dubai International Airport (DBX) - Ajman trip by luxury car with private driver. Travel time: 25 minutes in absolute luxury at a smart price!

Ajman to Dubai Airport: what price?

You can make the reverse trip, Ajman to Dubai International Airport, by bus, cab or luxury car. The same travel times and rates apply. Note: in low season, cab pick-up rates will be slightly lower from Ajman.

AS VIP benefits for travelling from Dubai to Ajman and back

While the UAE's road infrastructure is state of the art, Ajman, Dubai and other UAE cities experience scorching temperatures in the summer and sometimes in the spring and early fall. That's why it's important to choose a very comfortable means of transportation, with good interior space and a perfect air conditioning system.

At AS VIP, we have opted for a fleet of luxury vehicles (Mercedes V Class) to make your trips a little moment of pleasure. Courteous, reliable and trained to satisfy you, our private drivers adapt to your schedule and escort you at any time, day or night. On board, you have a Wi-Fi connection to work or entertain yourself on the way. We also provide you with unlimited cold drinks and snacks. Enjoy your trip!