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How much does a cab cost in Dubai?

The United Arab Emirates has about 25,000 French nationals, a relatively small number that has nonetheless been growing strongly since the second half of the 2010s. More and more French people are also daring to visit the Emirates in summer, especially in Dubai, despite the scorching heat that the region is experiencing. Thus, Dubai welcomed nearly 300,000 French tourists in 2021, placing the Hexagone in 6th position of the tourist sending countries to the UAE.

More broadly, Dubai has recently positioned itself on the world tourism scene, welcoming nearly 17 million international tourists before the pandemic. It must be said that the Emirate of Dubai is not particularly rich in oil. The tourism industry is therefore a major economic source and receives significant state subsidies.

Are you preparing your stay in Dubai? Are you wondering about cab fares, whether it's from Dubai International Airport (DBX) to your downtown hotel, to get around the emirate of Dubai, or to travel to Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah or Sharjah? AS VIP, your luxury private chauffeur service in Dubai, offers a handy guide to everything you need to know about transportation in the city of excess!

What are the average cab fares in Dubai?

The road infrastructure of the emirate of Dubai and, more broadly, of the United Arab Emirates, is relatively recent. Indeed, the density of roads and railroads is not yet commensurate with the ambitions of this country rich in oil and natural gas. Also, the public transport network remains disappointing and contrasts largely with the futuristic side of the metropolises of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

This is why cabs remain a popular means of transportation for locals, expatriates and tourists. Another factor that argues in favor of cabs and, more broadly, car travel is the stifling heat in summer. In a city where the thermometer regularly exceeds 45° C, walking or cycling are not really options.

Besides the so-called "official" cabs managed by the local authorities, Dubai has liberalized this means of transportation and welcomes private companies that offer similar services with, most often, a small differentiation on logistics and time flexibility. Here is a summary of the different types of cabs that operate in Dubai and their prices to help you find your way around.

#1 Public cab fare in Dubai (Dubai Taxi Corporation)

These are public cabs operated by the Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC cab). These cabs are yellow or beige in color with a red or orange roof. The majority of these cabs are Toyota, Hyundai or Mercedes. Dubai's public cabs are regularly serviced and offer 24/7 customer service but can sometimes be slow to arrive. In fact, it can take 30-45 minutes after booking by phone.

Here are the details of the public cab fares in Dubai: 

  • Pick-up (cab called in the street): 5 Emirates dirhams AED (about 1.3 €) during the day (from 6am to 10pm) and 5.5 AED (about 1.5 €) at night;
  • Pick-up on reservation: 10 AED (about 2,7 €) during the day and 12 AED at night (about 3,15 €);
  • Rate of the meter per kilometer: count 1,82 AED (approximately 0,5 €) day and night;
  • The waiting rate: 0.5 AD per minute (about 0.15 €) day and night.

Toll charges (Salik) are to be expected if applicable: 4 AED (about €1) will be added to the meter. So don't be surprised!

#2 The price of other public cabs in Dubai

As you will see, Dubai has other cabs operated directly by companies affiliated or mandated by the Emirate. The main difference is the type of vehicle used. The prices are the same as those of the Dubai Taxi Corporation. Here is a small list to recognize the company according to the color of the roof of the cab:

  • Green : Arabia Taxi Dubai ;
  • Blue: Cars Taxi Dubai;
  • Purple: City Taxi Dubai;
  • Orange: Dubai Taxi Metro;
  • Yellow: National Taxi Dubai;
  • Brown: Oneroad Taxi Dubai.

#3 Dubai International Airport (DBX) cab fares

The Dubai Taxi Corporation also operates a fleet of cabs exclusively for passengers landing at Dubai International Airport (DBX). This airport welcomes more than 89 million international passengers every year, making it the third busiest in the world. Cabs are therefore numerous on site, especially near terminals 1 and 3 where planes from Western countries land.

Cab drivers at Dubai International Airport (DBX) offer a small assistance to load your luggage in the trunk of the car. Here are the rates for these cabs that can take you from Dubai airport to your hotel:

  • Fee: 25 AED, which is a little more than 6.5 €;
  • The kilometer is charged at 1.96 AED, or a little more than 0.5 € ;

To note: some drivers "forget" to run the meter and charge exorbitant rates. Be aware that if the ride has started and the meter has not been run, your transfer from Dubai International Airport to your hotel will be free. That's the law! As a general rule, when you show dishonest drivers that you are aware of this legal provision, they will comply without bothering you too much.

#4 The price of limousine cabs in Dubai

The Dubai Taxi Corporation also offers a fleet of "limousine" type cabs, especially for businessmen and possibly diplomats who are numerous to stay in Dubai throughout the year. We qualify this service as "semi-luxury", as we remain on lower standards than what private companies offer. The vehicles are however brand new: Tesla, Lexus and Infiniti. Here are the rates of limousine cabs in Dubai: 

  • At the airport, pick-up starts at AED 25, or just over €6.5;
  • Outside of the airport, pick-up starts at AED 7.5, or about €2.
  • The kilometer is charged at 3.5 AED, or 0.91 €.

#5 The price of a cab for women in Dubai

The Dubai Taxi Corporation offers a dedicated service for women, the "Ameera Limousine" service. Driven by Lady Drivers, this service is offered at the same rates as the limousine service presented above.

#6 The price of a cab for people with reduced mobility

This Dubai Taxi Corporation service is designed for people with limited mobility and physical disabilities. Wheelchair accessible, these cabs are driven by drivers trained to accompany people with disabilities. Here are their rates: 

  • From the airport: pick-up at AED 25 (€6.5) and kilometer charged at AED 1.96 (€0.51);
  • In the middle of Dubai: pick-up at AED 5 or 5.5 depending on the time of day (around €1.4) and kilometer charged at AED 1.96 (€0.51).

The average price of the most common shopping in Dubai

Planning a tour to visit Dubai's main attractions? Here are the rates for the most common routes to help you anticipate transportation costs if you are traveling by cab:

  • From Dubai Airport (DBX) to downtown Dubai: the trip takes about 15 minutes and costs, on average, AED 62.5 (around €15);
  • From Dubai Airport to Dubai Mall for luxury shopping: between AED 70 and 90, or between €18 and €22;.
  • From Dubai International Airport (DBX) to Burj Khalifa: between AED 45 and 55, or €12 to 14.5;
  • From Dubai Airport to The Palm: AED 80 to 100, or €20 to €25;.
  • From Dubai International Airport to Dubai Marina: between AED 70 and 90, or €18 to €22;
  • From Palm Island to Burj Khalifa: from AED 50 to 70 (€12.5 to €18)..

Please note: cab fares in Dubai and the UAE vary depending on the time of day, the means of pickup (cab picked up on the road or booked in advance) and the density of road traffic. A ride in Dubai during rush hour will be more expensive than early morning, for example.

The average cab fare from Dubai to other cities in the UAE

In general, inter-city travel in the UAE can be done in less than two hours, allowing tourists to explore other emirates even on a short stay. Here are the rates for taxi transfers from Dubaito other UAE cities:

  • Dubai to Abu Dhabi by taxi: allow about 1 hour and 25 minutes via E11. Average price: 250 to 300 AED, or between 60 and 80 €;
  • Dubai to Sharjah by taxi: allow about 40 minutes via S119 and D62. Average price: 60 AED, equivalent to €15.44;
  • Dubai to Ras al Khaimah by taxi: allow about 1 hour and 20 minutes for this 120-kilometer trip. Average price: 200 to 250 AED, or 52 to 65 €;
  • Dubai to Fujairah by taxi: allow about 1 hour and 22 minutes via S116 for this 126-kilometer trip. Average price: between 270 and 320 AED, or about 70 to 83 €;
  • Dubai to Ajman by taxi: allow about an hour for this 46-kilometer trip via the E11. Average price: 85 to 110 AED, or between 22.5 and 29 €;

Dubai to Al Ain by taxi: allow about 1 hour and 45 minutes for this 146-kilometer trip via Dubai Road and E66. Average price: between AED 230 to 280, or around €75.

What is the price of a luxury car with private driver in Dubai?

AS VIP puts at your disposal its fleet of luxury Mercedes V Class vehicles and its professional, courteous, reliable and trained drivers to satisfy you. We promise you a royal comfort during your trips in Dubai and elsewhere in the United Arab Emirates. On the program: 

  • Vehicles with exceptional habitability;
  • On-board Wi-Fi connection;
  • Electrical outlets to recharge and use your electronic devices during the trip; 
  • A centralized air conditioning system... a crucial point when you know the scorching temperatures of the Emirati summer;
  • Refreshing drinks and treats at will.

Of course, you also benefit from flexible hours, with pick-up at any time, day or night.

Cab FAQ in Dubai

Do I have to pay for the cab with a credit card or in cash?

All cabs in Dubai accept credit and debit cards as well as Nol Cards. Attention If you don't have cash on you, always ask your driver if his card payment terminal is operational to avoid any bad surprise.

What is the principle of operation of cabs in Dubai?

Cabs in Dubai are similar to European cabs. You can request a free cab on the street or book it by phone or via a mobile app. At the airport, simply head to the Dubai Taxi Corporation's dedicated public cab area. All cabs are required to start their meters at the beginning of the ride. The price includes the pick-up fee as well as the fare itself depending on the number of kilometers, the wait and the time of day.

Do we have to tip cab drivers in Dubai?

You don't have to, but it is a (very) common practice as cab fares are still relatively cheap compared to the Emiratis' standard of living. As a general rule, tips range from 5 to 10 AED, or around 2 €.

How to book a cab? By phone or via app?

You have the choice of booking by phone, app, on the street or by asking the reception of your hotel. The cheapest option is still to call a free cab on the street, but the wait can be laborious, especially when the thermometer exceeds 40° C in the shade.

Does Uber exist in Dubai?

Yes, the urban passenger transportation giant has a strong presence in Dubai. 

How much does an Uber cost in Dubai?

Fares remain relatively close to those of cabs, around 20 € on average.