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How much is a taxi from Dubai to Sharjah?

The United Arab Emirates is more than just Dubai and Abu Dhabi! With more than two million visitors each year, Sharjah (Charjah in French) is one of the top three most popular Emirati cities as far as tourism is concerned. It gets more visitors than Boston, Hamburg, Manilla, Geneva and even Casablanca. The capital of the Emirate of the same name, Sharjah is part of the Dubai–Sharjah–Ajman Metropolitan area, sharing legal, political, military and economic functions with the other UAE emirates in a federal framework. 

Sharjah is very close to Dubai International Airport: 

  • 18.5 km away via the Beirut Road, then the D62 and the S119 (39 minutes by car);
  • 17.6 km taking the E11 (52 minutes by car); 
  • 25.7 km on the Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, and then the E311 (49 minutes by car).

If you are looking at this page, it’s because you’re thinking about visiting a city with a population of 800,000. How much is a taxi from Dubai to Sharjah? What other means of transport area available? How much does it usually cost to get to and from Sharjah? You’ll find the answers in this practical guide from AS VIP, your personal chauffeur service between Dubai and Sharjah.

Sharjah, an Emirati city of culture and industry

Ruled since the 18th century by the Al Qasimi dynasty, Sharjah is a major economic hub, generating 7.4% of Emirati GDP - roughly $31.2 billion. It costs very little indeed to set up a business in Sharjah, and those in the industrial sector benefit from significant financial incentives such as repatriation of capital and profits and exemption from income and corporate taxes. Local authorities also provide investors looking to move into industry with solutions when it comes to funding and support. So it’s only natural that Sharjah has emerged as a major MENA industrial hub.

The city is also a leading cultural centre. In fact, it was named World Book Capital in 2018 and Cultural Capital of the Arab World by UNESCO. The old town (Heritage District) is a historical and architectural treasure, despite becoming more and more run down since the 1960s. The “Heart of Sharjah” project, due for completion in 2025, is trying to restore this district to its former glory. Sharjah’s International Book Fair is now a firm fixture on the literary circuit of events and welcomes publishers, readers and speakers from the world over. An interesting fact: Sharjah has a large Russian and Ukrainian expat community. The city even boasts a stunning Russian Orthodox Church.

Despite being so close to Dubai, Sharjah has maintained its own culture and heritage and offers visitors several points of interest that are well worth seeing: 

  • Al Noor Island: On this oasis in the Khalid lagoon you can visit the butterfly house, stroll through the extensive gardens and pop in to the Literature Pavilion. This attraction alone sets Sharjah a part from Dubai and Abu Dhabi: tranquillity, a cultural offering and luxuriant greenery dilute the ultra-urban feel elsewhere.
  • The Heritage District of Sharjah, also known as “Heart of Sharjah”. Although this area is still undergoing renovation, the part accessible to the public is an ode to ancient times, where Bedouin tradition can be found alongside Arabic oral arts;
  • The Khor Fakkan port is something naval aficionados will not want to miss. Attractions include giant container ships, cruise liners and ship repair shops. Khor Fakkan’s beach offers plenty of aquatic activities and Shark Island is extremely popular with scuba divers;
  • The Classic Cars Museum, close to Sharjah International Airport, is enough in itself to make the trip from Dubai to Sharjah worth it! Here you will find a 1915 Dodge, an old Mercedes limousine custom-made for Sharjah’s ruler and pre-war trucks;
  • The Museum of Islamic Civilization, an impressive dome in a complex, architectural style. Here you will find manuscripts, calligraphy, ceramics and 5,000 other objects and artefacts dating from the 7th century.

Please note: The sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks is forbidden in the Sharjah Emirate, including in hotels, restaurants and malls. Sharjah is a more conservative city than Dubai and Abu Dhabi and attracts a great many tourists from Muslim countries in Asia.

How much is a taxi from Dubai to Sharjah?

Sharjah is about 30 kilometres from Dubai, and the journey takes about 50 minutes although there are many variables such as the means of transport and traffic conditions. 

The five firms offering taxis in Sharjah

Taxis to Sharjah are usually well-maintained. The Sharjah Public Transportation Corporation organises and supervises how taxis operate in the Emirate. Most taxis are franchised companies. There are five main operators in Sharjah: 

  • Sharjah Taxi and City Taxi which work out of Sharjah City and in districts to the east of town;
  • Emirates Cab and Union Taxi which only operate in the city centre;
  • Advantage Taxi which is present in Sharjah City and in the Emirate’s central regions.

The same authority runs inter-urban transport with passenger bus services from Sharjah city to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah, Khor Fakkan, Kalba, Fujairah, Masafi, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain, Al Hamriyah Free Zone, Dhaid, Al Madam, Dibba Al Hisn and Al Ain.

Taxi fairs for a transfer from Dubai International Airport to Sharjah 

On your arrival at Dubai International Airport, you can find a taxi to take you to Sharjah for an average price of AED 60 (Emirati Dirhams), that’s €15.44. Many things can affect taxi fares in the United Arab Emirates:

  • There is a minimum fare of AED 10, about €2.50;
  • There is a pick-up fee of about AED 8, roughly €2.06;
  • Idling time adds AED 0.5, or €0.12 to the meter per minute. A trip from Dubai to Sharjah in rush hour in high season will, therefore, cost you a lot more, especially if you are unfortunate enough to get stuck in a traffic jam.

Once in Sharjah, the taxis of the city’s five main operators charge AED 1.96 (about €0.51) per kilometre for journeys in town. Ask for the meter, unless you have agreed a fare for the trip beforehand.

Dubai – Sharjah with a private driver: how much does it cost?

If you don’t want to take a taxi from Dubai to Sharjah, you could opt instead for our personal chauffeur service. You can travel in the absolute comfort of a Mercedes V-Class designed to welcome you in the style you would expect as soon as you arrive at Dubai International Airport (DXB). As you would imagine, your personal driver in Dubai will make themself available whenever suits you, even if your flight is delayed. What you can also expect:

  • A vehicle equipped with automatic climate control, essential in a country that experiences severe heatwaves in the summer;
  • Electric sockets to charge your smartphone, tablet or laptop computer;
  • A Wi-Fi connection to pass the time or work during the journey;
  • A reliable, trained and polite personal driver.

Our rates are highly competitive, without compromising on quality of service. Please feel free to contact us for a personal quote, whether for a transfer from Dubai Airport to Sharjah, from DXB Airport to a hotel in Dubai or any other journey in the UAE.

Dubai to Sharjah Airport

Sharjah International Airport (SHJ) has seen annual passenger numbers explode since the beginning of the 2000s, going from a modest million passengers per year to its current 13 million. Built in this 1970s, this airport is also and primarily the biggest airfreight hub in the Middle East in terms of tonnage, handling more than 590,000 tonnes each year. The passenger terminal covers an area of 125,000 m².

Sharjah Airport is about 40 kilometres from Dubai. To get there, you have the choice between: 

  • By taxi, for about AED 114 (around €30). Allow for about 26 minutes to cover the 41.7 km which separates Dubai from Sharjah Airport;
  • Bus routes 103 or 102/99 from Dubai. It will only cost you a little under AED 30 (€8), but the trip will take up to two hours! It’s clearly not the best option...
  • Your AS VIP private driver will take you from Dubai to Sharjah International Airport in about 26 minutes and in luxurious comfort!

The fares and bus lines are exactly the same for the journey in the other direction, from Sharjah Airport to Dubai.

Sharjah to the Dubai Mall

Are you staying in a hotel in Sharjah but would like to pick up some luxury items at the Dubai Mall? This temple of shopping, strategically located at the foot to the Burj Khalifa Tower, welcomes some 100 million visitors every year, an absolute record. 

Located in the heart of the city, the Dubai Mall is the biggest shopping centre in the United Arab Emirates, perhaps even the world (although this is disputed) with a surface area of 800,000 m² and some 1,200 stores. Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you in this colossal commercial paradise: 

  • A souk devoted to gold trading;
  • A “fashion island” of 80,000 m² boasting 450 haute couture boutiques and the first Galeries Lafayette and Bloomingdale’s in the Middle East;
  • An Olympic ice skating rink that can host 2,000 visitors, cooled using plant-based technology;
  • The Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo with sharks, rays and more than 80 marine species;
  • Waterfalls;
  • A Sega theme park;
  • A 22-screen multiplex cinema;
  • More than 120 restaurants and cafés.

Sharjah is about 30 km from the Dubai Mall. The trip lasts about 26 minutes taking the E11. A taxi will charge you about AED 55 (€14.2) for a journey covering 23.5 km. To travel in greater peace of mind and at the exact time that suits your schedule and programme, just call on AS VIP, your personal chauffeur service in Dubai and Sharjah.

Sharjah to Dubai Airport

Dubai International Airport ((Maṭār Dubayy al-Duwalī in Arabic and L’aéroport international de Dubai in French) handles more than 89 million international passengers, making it the third busiest airport in the world. Are you in Sharjah but have a flight leaving from DXB airport? You’ll need to take a short trip of 19 km via the E11.

If you go by taxi, allow for about AED 60 (€16) for the fare. We wouldn’t recommend the bus; it is a very slow means of transport and this journey could take you almost an hour. To travel in all tranquillity, you could call on the services of AS VIP - the guarantee of a speedy and extremely comfortable transfer from Sharjah to DXB airport.

The advantages of using AS VIP to go from Dubai to Sharjah Airport or back

AS VIP’s private drivers are trained to ensure your trips between Dubai and Sharjah are pleasurable experiences. Our fleet of luxury, Mercedes V-Class vehicles have been specially designed for driving in Dubai, Sharjah and the other United Arab Emirates cities. 

Our passengers are treated to unparalleled comfort: masses of space, a Wi-Fi connection, mood lighting, electric sockets, an unlimited supply of chilled drinks, snacks you can help yourself to and automatic air-conditioning etc. 

Punctual, professional and polite, our chauffeurs are at your service at any time, day or night, for your trips in Dubai and Sharjah. You will reach your destination relaxed and rested, ready to hit the tourist trail or go into that important business meeting, even after a long journey!