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What is the price of a cab Dubai Fujairah?

While Dubai and Abu Dhabi concentrate the bulk of tourist arrivals in the United Arab Emirates (more than 30 million visitors each year), less glamorous and less publicized cities shine with an authenticity that is not necessarily found in the two major Emirati metropolises. With just under 800,000 tourists, Fujairah is one of those beautiful coastal cities that are peaceful, relaxing and full of natural attractions. 

Its exceptional geographical location, in the heart of the Gulf of Oman, makes it a popular destination for backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to its "farniente" assets, the city is a commercial and industrial hub that attracts companies and investors from all over the world.

Fujairah is about 126 km from Dubai, and the cab ride from Dubai to Fujairah takes about 1 hour and 22 minutes (via the S116). The city is just over 250 km from Abu Dhabi, with about a 2.5-hour drive. Planning a trip to this beautiful city on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates? AS VIP, your private chauffeur service in Dubai, offers you a complete guide to travel serenely. On the agenda: the must-do activities in Fujairah, the means of transportation at your disposal to make the journey from Dubai to Fujairah, the average times and prices of common trips in the city and sound advice to make the most of your Fujairah getaway.

Fujairah City, the jewel of eastern UAE

In the early 19thcentury, Sheikh Mohammed bin Mattar, leader of the Al Sharqi tribe, launched the construction of a large castle and an imperial city that would later become Fujairah. The Emirate will join the United Arab Emirates on December 2, 1971. Two centuries later, this emirate remains ruled by the same ruling family, headed by Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi.

Fujairah, the Emirati city most blessed by nature

Capital of the Emirate of the same name, Fujairah is the seventh largest Emirati city by population (about 130,000 inhabitants). It is also the only "regional" capital located in the far east of the country, along the Gulf of Oman (Indian Ocean). In many respects, Fujairah is the Emirati city most blessed by nature: 

  • Fujairah's coastline stretches for about 70 km with beautiful sandy beaches, also with hot, cold and mineral springs for thalassotherapy and/or balneotherapy enthusiasts;
  • Nestled in the foothills of the Hajar Mountains, Fujairah's rugged mountains, valleys, waterfalls and oases are all beautiful. Your AS VIP private driver will be delighted to take you to these points of interest that stand in stark contrast to the ultra-modern metropolises of Dubai and Abu Dhabi;
  • The climate in the United Arab Emirates sometimes becomes scorching in summer, with average temperatures hovering around 43° C. A city like Sharjah has even been declared "uninhabitable" by the IPCC due to the phenomenon of "humid heat waves". Fujairah spares you this problem. Because it is off-center to the east, the city experiences a more moderate climate than Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah or even Ras al Khaimah. Maximum temperatures rarely exceed 36° C in summer, a very reasonable average in the Gulf countries. In fact, many residents and tourists from Dubai travel to Fujairah during the weekend to take a breather and enjoy the expanses of beach.

Fujairah's economy is dominated by the cement industry, stone crushing and mining. The city has a thriving free trade zone, emulating the success of the Dubai Free Zone Authority. The government is the number one employer... a logical finding considering that the emirate prohibits foreigners from owning more than 49 % of shares in any one company. However, this ban was recently lifted in the free zones. 

The port of Fujairah attracts commercial vessels from the Persian Gulf for provisions, repairs and technical support. A thriving trade in spare parts and marine industry stores has been established in the area.

Why make the trip from Dubai to Fujairah?

There are many points of interest that justify a trip from Dubai to Fujairah in a luxury vehicle from the AS VIP fleet. Your stay will be a peaceful interlude, far from the crazy skyscrapers, the cosmopolitan frenzy and the summer congestion.

Here is a small circuit which should satisfy the most demanding tourists: 

  • The Fujairah Fort, a characterful building constructed in the 16th century. It is one of the oldest constructions in the country and the region. This fort has long allowed the natives to repel various colonial attempts, before becoming a tourist attraction in the second half of the 20th century;
  • The Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Fujairah. It is the second largest mosque in the country behind the Abu Dhabi mosque, which incidentally bears the same name. Founded in 2015, the mosque is in the heart of the city center and serves as a landmark with its 65 domes, six minarets and 100-meter height. Unfortunately, and unlike its namesake in Abu Dhabi, this mosque is not accessible to non-Muslims, but viewing from the outside is worth the trip;
  • The Al Hayl Castle is a quaint, secluded and intriguing building. Warning: only do this attraction if you are accompanied by a guide. The area is often deserted;
  • Khor Fakkan Public Beach, to share a moment with the locals and the many expats. If you are traveling with your family, your children can enjoy the many attractions at the beach. Beware: the dress code is strict and alcohol is strictly prohibited;
  • Scuba diving is the national sport in the Emirate of Fujairah. You can observe the marine wildlife on the side of Snoopy Island, Shark Island and Al Badiyah Rock;
  • A hike and picnic on the side of Jabal Yibir, 1,527 meters above sea level in the Hajar Mountains;
  • The village of Bidiya, one of the oldest in the Arabian Peninsula. The village's mosque dates back to the 15th century. Good news: it is accessible to non-Muslims, provided, of course, that they respect the dress code.

How much does a cab ride from Dubai to Fujairah cost?

Emirati road infrastructure has become much denser in recent years, especially outside of the Dubai - Abu Dhabi axis that has long monopolized investment in the area. Today, you have several options for your journey from Dubai to Fujairah:

  • Taxi ride Dubai to Fujairah. To travel the 122 km between these two Emirati cities, cabs take about 1 hour and 15 minutes and charge between AED 270 Emirati dirhams (about €70) and AED 320 (about €83). Fares vary depending on the point of departure and final destination, but also on road traffic density, pick-up time, etc.
  • Bus ride from Dubai to Fujairah. This is, by far, the most economical way to make the trip. Routes 294 and 271 carry passengers from Dubai to Fujairah for between AED 31 (about €8) and AED 49 (just under €13). Beware: the journey from Dubai to Fujairah by bus can take almost 4 hours! Indeed, you will have to deal with a stopover of about an hour;
  • Transfer Dubai to Fujairah with AS VIP. By requesting the services of our private drivers, you will travel in a luxury Mercedes V-Class vehicle with a state-of-the-art pick-up. Wi-Fi connection, automatic air conditioning, exceptional habitability, electrical outlets to recharge your electronic devices... we guarantee you a comfortable ride, day and night.

Some examples of common routes in Fujairah

Planning to spend a few days in Fujairah to visit its many points of interest? Here is the distance and travel time of the most common trips in the city: 

  • Downtown to Fujairah Fort: allow less than 3 minutes for this short trip of less than two kilometers;
  • Downtown Fujairah to the Snoopy Islands: allow about an hour for this 70 km trip via the E89;
  • Downtown Fujairah to Al Badiyah Rock: your AS VIP private driver will cover this 64 km journey in approximately 55 minutes;.
  • Downtown Fujairah to Al Hayl Castle: allow about 8 minutes for this journey of just over 6 km;
  • Fujairah to Dubai vice versa: your AS VIP private driver will cover this 120 km journey in approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes. You can take advantage of the Wi-Fi connection and electrical outlets to pass the time or work the whole way. You will arrive at your destination relaxed and full of energy to attack your program;
  • Fujairah to Abu Dhabi: allow a little over 2.5 hours for this 254km journey via the E11. For long trips of this type, we warmly advise you to request our services. It is the guarantee of a pleasant trip, all comfort and adapted to your schedules.

Note: the reason we don't mention the trip from downtown Fujairah to the city's international airport is that it is almost exclusively for cargo. However, the Russian airline S7 Airlines recently announced two passenger flights.

Dubai Airport to Fujairah

Dubai International Airport (DBX) is approximately 113 km from downtown Fujairah. You can get there with the following means of transportation: 

  • Dubai International Airport to Fujairah by bus. Allow over 4 hours and 20 minutes for this trip. The cost ranges from AED 36 (about €9.5) to AED 55 (€14.3) via routes 391 and 271;
  • Dubai International Airport to Fujairah by metro and then bus (MRed and line 271) for the same fare. However, the trip will take over 4 hours and 40 minutes;
  • Dubai International Airport to Fujairah by taxi: expect to pay between AED 250 (€65) and AED 300 (€78) for this 113km journey, which you will cover in just over an hour;
  • Dubai International Airport to Fujairah with a private driver. AS VIP escorts you from DBX airport to Fujairah city in a luxury Mercedes V-Class vehicle in royal comfort. We offer very competitive rates, without compromising on the quality of the service: 200 $ per hour and 1,500 $ per day.

Fujairah to Dubai Airport: what price?

The same means of transportation and times apply for the reverse trips, from Fujairah City to Dubai International Airport. Fares are sometimes 5-10 % cheaper from Fujairah, as long as the pickup costs (slightly) less.

AS VIP benefits for travelling from Dubai to Fujairah and back

For long trips like between Dubai and Fujairah, using the services of a private driver like AS VIP brings you a cascade of advantages: 

  • The automatic air conditioning and exceptional skill of our fleet of Mercedes V-Class vehicles guarantee a comfortable ride. You can even take a nap to arrive in Dubai or Fujairah in great shape;
  • The Wi-Fi connection and electrical outlets available allow you to optimize your time to work, make calls, consult documents or simply browse the web;
  • The professionalism, courtesy and reliability of a private driver trained to satisfy you!